Heaven Rejoiced

Yesterday while praying the rosary and meditating on the 4th and 5th Glorious Mystery, I allowed myself to imagine the scene, what it MAY have been like, and it was breathtaking.

Our beautiful Blessed Mother drifted off to sleep, closing her eyes for the final time in her earthly flesh. Before death could settle in, her beloved Joseph and her Glorified Son appeared at her side. They came to take her home. Her husband, her earthly protector, St. Joseph gently lifted her up into his arms, and oh how much he was looking forward to this moment. Together the Holy family rose to heaven. As they reached heaven St. Joseph carried his precious Mary over the threshold with Jesus by their side into her heavenly home, all of Heaven rejoiced!

After gently placing her on her feet, the Holy Family made their way to the Queens thrown. Her white gown gently flowing as she made her way through the crowd of heavenly souls. It was clear to see her sweetness and humility as she slightly bowed her head and smiled at each soul she passed.

After she sat on her thrown, Jesus placed a beautiful crown on her head and a light burst forth from her Immaculate Heart. As the light of glory passed through her pure soul, prisms of light danced all around her and spread out over all of heaven as they bowed down, laughing with joy and singing praises to God for her arrival. Her beauty and radiance filled all with tremendous joy. Our Lady had come to take her rightful place next to the King as Queen of all, also known as the Gebirah. All of Heaven celebrated!

The mission of the Holy Family on earth was complete. Now together from Heaven The Holy Family would begin their heavenly mission to make Jesus known throughout the earth, and through the Holy Spirit, set the world on fire!!

Come Lord Jesus Come!! Alleluia Alleluia!!!

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